ESA: A man-made base on the moon may turn into reality by 2030

ESA: A man-made base on the moon may turn into reality by 2030

The European Space Agency (ESA) said a man-made base on the moon is likely to become a reality by 2030. reported that ESA chiefs said that the planned Moon Village, which would be created using 3D printers, may help mankind in the galaxy exploration

They added that as per their plans, robots will land on the moon and make the surface ready for human life and come all set with a series of amazing concepts that show how the moon base might look like.

Then the moon could be used by astronomers as a space base to push on and explore more celestial bodies. NASA’s Kathy Laurini is optimistic that a European moon base may act as a stepping stone for Mars-bound astronauts.

She mentioned that the ESA space-exploration strategy has prioritized the moon as the main destination for humans while travelling to Mars. Furthermore, Laurini said that the recent talk of a moon village has certainly generated a lot of positive energy in Europe.

ESA chiefs added that the multi-dome base on the moon will be build with the help of 3D printing technology that would use materials that exist naturally on the moon. The ESA said that the lunar base may play a big role in exploring the Universe, the solar system, and in finding the alien life.

The ESA disclosed the plans of its moon colony at a two-day conference that took place previous month and was attended by 200 experts and scientists. They gathered there to plan mankind's next huge leap in space exploration.