Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 tablet’s exciting features make it different from league

Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 tablet’s exciting features make it different from league

Lenovo with its ThinkPad X1 tablet to be introduced today at CES, it tries to provide something new with a fresh take on the formula. Though it has a regular 12-inch screen and powered with Intel’s latest Core m7 chipset, it does not have interesting features to look for.

Lenovo will launch the ThinkPad X1 tablet in February and could be availed at $899. The tablet starts as an 8.4 mm thin, 1.75-pound tablet that fattens 13 mm and weighs 2.4 pounds total when keyboard is included.

Lenovo is also debuting USB-C ports that will effectively handle power, data and video. Though many would compare its features with Surface, experts said that it is having a much better standard keyboard. Lenovo is trying to modularize the tablet, which means it will look a normal tablet but will come with availability to attach three modules present in the bottom.

These modules will turn the tablet into a laptop, projector or a 3D camera. The modules look like battery packs. Experts said that Lenovo’s presenter module includes a pico projector to project a 60-inch display out of the bottom of the tablet.

Its last module combines Intel’s RealSense camera to grab and edit objects for 3D printing. This technology is quite new tablets though it can be found on laptops and desktops. Everything is good with these modules, but they can be quite tricky to attach and there can be a situation, where you might need to peel off a case that covers the ports for connection.

Besides the modules, Lenovo is combining the use of a kickstand and keyboard akin to Microsoft’s Surface tablets. The ThinkPad X1 tablet’s keyboard is having TrackPoint and trackpad. The keyboard can attach magnetically to the bottom of the ThinkPad X1 tablet alongside an additional module. The user interested in sketching can also have an active stylus, which is completely option and priced at $50.