Southwest Airlines flight attendant’s gesture to soothe crying baby makes her story viral on internet

Southwest Airlines flight attendant’s gesture to soothe crying baby makes her story viral on internet

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant acted no less than a fairy for a couple, who was flying with their nine-month-old son for the first time. Flight attendant Anissa Charles went beyond her duty and took initiative to soothe the crying baby boy on the flight.

Heather Gooch, of New York, took on Facebook to praise the gesture of Anissa and how it helped them to have a comfortable journey. Gooch unveiled that she and her husband took their son on a flight from Florida last week.

It was the first time that their son Aiden was awake on a plane and second-ever flight. Like many parents, the couple was quite nervous as how everything would be managed. Aiden started crying during the flight and came to know that things would get only worse.

Gooch affirmed that Aiden started getting fussy and people were looking at them. His fussiness attracted the attention of Anissa, who decided to go and beyond to help the family. She offered to carry the baby and calm him down.

Gooch said that Anissa’s help made the family’s day and it made them to share this experience with people. “I have never had a flight attendant as kind and as helpful as she was…We so often hear about the negative things going on so I wanted to share this story of someone who made my trip a little brighter”, write Gooch about Anissa on Southwest’s Facebook page.

The post soon went viral on the internet and Anissa herself received the message. In return, Anissa thanked Grooch for such a touching note and also said that she never blames a child for being fussy on flight. Charles also mentioned that she was just doing her job.

A spokeswoman for Southwest Airlines said that Anissa is an amazing flight attendant and the airline is proud to have her in the team.

AJC reported that, Heather and her husband were taking their 9-month-old son aboard a flight for the very first time. They were flying from Fort Lauderdale to Islip, NY. Like many first-time parents, they weren’t sure how the experience would go. When their son started getting fussy, Anisse didn’t hesitate to step in.

“At one point, she saw that he was looking for her and getting ansy, so she came and picked him up and walked up and down the aisle with him while my husband and I ate our lunch,” wrote Heather.

CBS58 report said, as Heather Gooch boarded a plane with her 9-month-old son, she felt what nearly every mom feels during their baby's first flight: stressed. Shortly after her flight took off, she felt like a weight had been lifted -- thanks to a special flight attendant. When Southwest Airlines flight attendant Anissa noticed the little boy getting antsy, she offered to hold him.

"About 45 minutes into the flight, Aiden didn't want any part of sitting with us," Gooch told CBS News, adding her husband was sitting next to her. "He couldn't sit still. Anissa happened to be walking by, and Aiden got so excited to see her. She looked and me and asked me if I minded if she held him."

According to the BuzzFeed, A spokeswoman for Southwest Airlines told BuzzFeed News that Charles is an “amazing flight attendant” who the airline is proud to have on its team.
“Her kindness and helpfulness made the Gooch family’s trip brighter, and it’s that type of focus on hospitality that makes the Southwest travel experience an incredible one for so many of our customers,” she said.