Three LED Series HDR Quality TV and One Giant 8K Monster from LG at CES 2016

Three LED Series HDR Quality TV and One Giant 8K Monster from LG at CES 2016

Just few days before the official start of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) International carnival 2016 in Las Vegas, LG has unveiled details about its upcoming premium LED TV lineup with spectacular features in its TV services. Last year’s CES came up with 4K models in all the services, but this year forget all the hype about 4K and welcome the new highlights of the first production-grade 8K model, the UH9800. The buzzword surrounding the new series of TV presented by LG is ‘Super HD’, which features performance-enhancing technologies. LG might get the first mover advantage but other electronics giants will not leave any stone unturned to woo customers and gadget reviewers at CES, Las Vegas.

The Korean giant is hoping to give best competition to its one-up TV rivals with both improved HDR colors and an 8K model. HDR boosts a TV's contrast ratio and color accuracy for a richer and more realistic look. HDR-Plus combines LG’s so-called Color Prime Plus, which uses a new filter to try and replicate cinema-quality color with the company's Ultra Luminance technology for an improved contrast ratio. Though, the company does not state much about what its 98-inch monster will offer or when it ships, but it is safe to say that this won't be an impulse purchase when Sharp's 8K screen costs about $130,000. Both the UH8500 (55 to 75 inches) and UH9500 (55 to 86 inches) series from LG has been featured with filters and LCD phosphors to reach about 90% of the Digital Cinema Initiative's expanded color range.

The Super UHD line will comprise three models in multiple screen sizes, plus a standalone, attention-grabbing, questionably practical 98-inch 8K Super UHD behemoth. All sets will also include LG’s IPS panel, noted for its advanced off-axis performance, further enhanced by two new LG technologies called True Black Panel and Contrast Maximizer. The UH9500 is expected to be LG’s thinnest TV yet, with nearly imperceptible bezels. LG says that the UH9500 will come in at just 6.6 mm thick (about .22 inches), and that the borders around the TV are nearly invisible, creating that “floating in air” look.

Technology reviews website Digital Trends reported, "The UH9500 (screen sizes 55-86 inches) UH8500 (screen sizes 55-75 inches) and UH7700 (screen sizes 49-65 inches) share several traits in common. All will offer what LG is calling HDR Plus, which means all of the sets in this series can process and display High Dynamic Range content from a variety of sources, include LG’s Color Prime tech for enhanced color brightness."

In a recently published report, technology magazine Verge said, "Appearing forward-looking is important as more and more TV makers continue upgrading their lineups to 4K and begin looking for new technology terminology to attach to their latest products. Sony and Samsung have already updated some of their current higher-end TVs with HDR compatibility, and we can expect every TV maker to push HDR heavily next week. LG won't disclose prices right now, and it's keeping mum on the state of its OLED lineup. Just as with 4K, HDR requires content to transform it from a marketing perk to something a consumer can actually enjoy."

LG's three new 4K LCD models — UH9500, UH8500, and UH7700 — range in size from 49 to 86 inches, and every model will come with LG's new webOS 3.0 software, which the company is debuting next week as well. Little distinguishes the TVs from each other, but LG is touting the UH9500's slimmer design, which now has a gap of only 6.6 millimeters between the display and the back cover chassis.