Humpback whales slow to return to Hawaii waters this winter

Humpback whales slow to return to Hawaii waters this winter

The month of December typically marks the start of humpback whale season in Hawaii, but experts say the gigantic marine creatures are slow to return this year.

Officials at the Humpback Whale Marine Sanctuary said is a statement that the humpback whales have been difficult to spot so far this year.

It may be noted here that the giant humpback whales are an iconic part of Hawaii islands’ warm waters in winter and generate a significant source of income from tourists who visit the islands to see the huge marine creatures.

Ed Lyman, a resource protection manager & response coordinator for the sanctuary in Maui, said, “This isn’t a concern, but it’s of interest. One theory was that something like this happened as whales increased. It’s a product of their success.”

Lyman added that he was very surprised by how few of whales he spotted while responding to an emergency call about a distressed calf on Christmas Eve.

Normally, more than 10,000 whales swim all the way from Alaska to the warm waters off Hawaii to mate and produce offspring. Experts are of the view that El Nino disruptions, among other factors, might have discouraged the huge marine creatures from making their typical winter journey.