Are You A Final Fantasy Fan? Here’s Good News for You

Square Enix

Here’s good news for all the fans of famous Final Fantasy IX: the game will soon be available on the PC, iOS, and Android. As per its makers, the game will be available for users at some point in 2016.

Although the Square Enix didn’t said that the game is launched in North America, it said that it will make an arrival very soon in this year. The game developer said that they are very happy about the game’s official website that has an English translation, which appears to be like a little bit of a tease for a wider release of the game.

The website so far has not disclosed when the Square Enix will launch the game in Japan, nor what the time delay will be between that launch and the North American / European launch.

The makers of the game have kept everything secret. So far, no details about any upgradation or changes have been disclosed to public. The only thing which is known so far is that Square Enix is going to be updating the game's graphics and adding in a few more modern conveniences, like autosave and high-speed modes.

PC gamer reported that the game will come along with some achievements and several other game boosting features.

Some of the clues from the remake’s first trailer show the game is mostly cutscenes, with a slight highlight of visual differences for the game's combat system. No major changes to the raw mechanics have been made.