Meet New Facebook Bug That Says People Have Been Friends for 46 Years

1B--Meet New Facebook Bug That Says People Have Been Friends for 46 Years

Facebook users are facing an interesting bug which congratulates them on 46 years of friendship with other users. This is quite a strange thing because Facebook itself has been around for around eleven years.

The 46 years of friendship on Facebook was quite a strange think to digest because Facebook isn’t even 15 years old and some of its users seeing this message are far younger than 46 years of age.

Facebook has so far not disclosed the main culprit behind the fault, but it said that the company is trying hard to deal with the issue. A company spokesperson said in a statement, “We’ve identified this bug and the teams fixing it now so everyone can ring in 2016 feeling young again”.

Some of the experts have suggested that such a bug originates with what’s known as the Unix epoch. Unix is an operating system underlying many of the world’s serves, and it keeps time by counting up from zero at one-second intervals.

The date that clock began, known as the epoch, happen to be January 1, 1970 at midnight Greenwich Mean Time. It happened almost 46 years ago if today going by Eastern Standard Time.

Every second from that very point is known as epoch time, and this is the reason that some gadgets might switch to December 31, 1969. Therefore, the time in which you became friends with someone on Facebook could accidently rest itself as well to New Year’s Eve, 1969.