Shark that can fit in your hand discovered in dark waters of ocean

Shark that can fit in your hand discovered in dark waters of ocean

The shark that can easily fit in your hand has been found in the dark waters of the ocean. The small shark has been given name after Peter Benchley, the author of Jaws, the shark conservationist. Etmopterus Benchleyi is a lantern shark and was first caught in the Pacific Ocean in 2010.

Merely 7 other sharks that belong to this species have been found since then. Scientists don’t know much about the shark, having emerald eyes and glass resembling teeth. The shark stays in the deepest and darkest waters of the ocean most of the time. It goes from 2,000 feet to even 4,000 feet deep. Scientists have been struggling hard to find some information regarding what it consumes or how spread it is.

One of the researchers Elena Vasquez said that though the shark is very small, it may be the deep waters’ largest creature. She said that there is possibility that these species of lantern sharks consume small fish, such as crustaceans.

The reports suggesting that the shark was very dangerous amused Vasquez when she considered the largest shark discovered was 20 inches long. So there is hardly any possibility that the shark will scare people alike the white shark Peter Benchley wrote about.

Considering that just few Etmopterus Benchleyi sharks have been discovered, the California Academy of Sciences’ researchers have said that they don’t have any idea about whether the shark can become bigger. Just in case the shark becomes quite huge, people don’t need to worry about as it stays in very deep waters and can’t be encountered easily.

The small shark can glow in the dark, just like most lantern sharks do,but according to researchers they don’t use it that much.