Human body can also act as brewery

Human body can also act as brewery

Could you even believe that some peoples’ body could be a brewery? Yes, it can be and this fact came out when drunken-driving charges against an upstate New York woman were dismissed after providing evidence that she suffers from auto-brewery syndrome, in which her digestive system turns normal food into alcohol.

A town judge in the Buffalo suburb of Hamburg has dismissed the drunken-driving charges against the women this month after her lawyer Joseph Marusak presented a doctor’s research showing that women suffers from the syndrome in which high levels of yeast in her intestines fermented high-carbohydrate foods into alcohol.

The woman claimed that she has spent $7,000 working with a specialist to prove that her body sometimes leads to a state of drunkenness without having alcohol. In October 2014, the 35-year-old woman from the suburb of Hamburg, near Buffalo, was stopped for checking and was charged with DWI.

The woman agreed that she had three drinks but quite early in the evening. But Hamburg police officer Daniel Gallardo suspected that she had more seeing her glassy-bloodshot eyes and slurred speech and had a blood alcohol content of .33% the woman was driving on a flat tire.

After a year and spending thousands on specialists, the woman’s charges were dismissed. Marusak described the case as ‘bizarre and unusual – one of the strangest cases I’ve ever been involved with in more than 30 years as a lawyer’.

The condition was first found in the US by Barbara Cordell of Panola College in Texas, and Cordell published a case study in 2013 of a 61-year-old man who suffered episodes of debilitating drunkenness without drinking liquor.

Before this case, the woman did not know that she was having the condition. Marusak said that the case has been closed as charges have been dropped.

In a statement provided to IndianaGazette, drunken-driving charges against an upstate New York woman have been dismissed based on an unusual defense: Her body is a brewery.

The woman was arrested while driving with a blood alcohol level more than four times the legal limit. She then discovered she has a rare condition called “auto-brewery syndrome,” in which her digestive system converts ordinary food into alcohol, her lawyer Joseph Marusak said in interviews this week.

In other news Examiner reported, Hamburg police officer Daniel Gallardo stopped the woman, who admitted to having three drinks but much earlier in the evening. Officer Gallardo said the suspect exhibited “glassy-bloodshot eyes and slurred speech” and had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .33 percent. Gallardo said the woman was also driving on a flat tire, producing “a large amount of smoke and a noticeable smell of burning rubber.”

For a 120-pound female, a BAC level that high typically is the result of consuming 8 to 10 drinks, and is close the lethal levels. She failed a roadside sobriety test and was placed under arrest.
The woman insisted that she’d had only three drinks, and had stopped drinking an hour and a half before driving. Alcohol metabolism varies widely between individuals, but for women, a drink generally increases blood alcohol content by .025% to .045%.

The woman’s lawyer, Joseph Marusak, told the Buffalo News that she tested herself several times using a Breathalyzer in the months after the arrest, and also was tested by nurses over the course of 12 hours while abstaining from booze. Her blood alcohol regularly registered over 0.2%, he said, BuzzFeed reported.