Facebook Glitch says you’ve been Friend with Social Site for 46 Years Now

1B--Facebook Glitch says you’ve been Friend with Social Site for 46 Years Now

A glitch that appeared on Facebook on Thursday shows its users that they have been friends with Facebook for 46 years. The company experts are presently busy in fixing the bug as soon as possible.

At first, it was thought that the issue was experienced by really old accounts. Due to the glitch the largest social network has sent out messages congratulating users for 46 years of friendship with people in their list.

Now the problem that rose after it is that if you have been friends with someone for almost half a century, Facebook itself is only 11 years old. A company spokesperson told Bloomberg in a statement that the team is currently trying to fix the bug, but didn’t release any detail on what the bug is about.

According to some computer experts, such as Microsoft Developer Mark Davis, the thing to be blamed behind its is the Unix operating system used by most of the data centers across the world.

As per experts, the Unix’s internal calendar has an arbitrarily assigned starting point called ‘epoch’ with an internal value of ‘0’.

If a Facebook users clicks on the memories page, you’ll see a subset of your friends listed as having a 46-year-old Facebook memory today. This Unix glitch is quite common and it not unusual for gadgets' clocks and calendars to switch to December 31st, 1969.