Meet This App Which Tells Why Your Baby is crying

Meet This App Which Tells Why Your Baby is crying

A team of researchers has recently developed a new application that can easily decode crying. The researchers said it can be used by parents of newborns to know what their baby’s crying means.

Brandon and Abby Newsom, couple that last week was blessed with a baby boy Brayden, said the bliss that comes with being new parents also comes with a lot of crying from the baby, but this $3 app will prove very beneficial for them.

Brayden is Newsom's first child and the couple said they are still battling to figure out what their baby needs. Abby said sometimes they reach a point when they wish the baby could just speak and tell them what he needs.

The new app, ‘infant cries translator’, is developed on the collection of 200,000 crying sounds. The app distinguishes between four separate cries: hungry, tired, in pain and has a wet diaper, said its makers.

The app is quite easy to use; a user has to just press a button when their baby cries. The only point the user has to keep in mind is that in order to detect the reason of crying the baby must cry for at least 15 seconds.

The Newsoms said they tested the app with their baby Brayden and the app showed that the baby was hungry.

Sinai Hospital pediatrician Dr. Michael Zollicoffer thinks the app is good for fun, but not in reality. “You have to listen to the response of your kid. Their cry is their communication. It's their talking. Their babbling is their discussion. To take your movement away, I don't like it”, he said.