How will you feel if you find News Feed in Sorted Manner on Facebook Mobile App?

Facebook Mobile App

There is nothing new in asking you a question that you use Facebook or not. As majority of people in this world use most popular social website, Facebook. Over the course of your Facebook usage, you must have liked many pages, posts and must have followed many people. When you have a look at your News feed, you will be flooded with all the kinds of information and a mix of different types of posts and topics. But, won’t that make your wall messy? Or, how will you feel if you will get the chance to sort your News Feed in a better way you can?

According to sources, Facebook is testing multiple, topic-based feeds on its mobile app in place of one main News Feed. In October, some users were asked by the company to see specialized interest feeds on the web. Recently, the new sorted way of the News Feed has been spotted by Jason Stein, who shared the snapshots from his smartphone when he saw some changes while viewing the News feed. The feeds have been broken down into several categories ranging from the regular News Feed, to one that highlights just headline worthy topics, to style, travel, and more.

As per the statement by the company, Facebook users from around the world have requested the company to bring in the new features like new options to see and have conversations about more stories on Facebook. The social giant has confirmed to The Verge that the testing phase of the feeds for people to view different stories from people and Pages based on topic areas is still in progress. Though, it cannot be confirmed right now that when the new feature will come into market, the launch of the feature depends on the success and feedback users are having to this style. In addition to the New Feed feature, Facebook is also testing wider rollout of the ‘Marketplace’ feature that it has been working on for a few months now. Known simply as ‘Shopping’, this feature was tested as far back as October of this year, but was buried behind the main section of the app.