Boston’s chief health inspector eats at reopened Cleveland Circle Chipotle

Boston’s chief health inspector eats at reopened Cleveland Circle Chipotle

Authorities concerned have been showing their support for Chipotle. On Saturday, the Chipotle restaurant in Cleveland Circle has reopened and Boston’s chief health inspector has already visited the place on Monday to have lunch there. Main aim of eating a meal there was to pass on a strong message to the world that if they are doing something then it means it is OK.

The restaurant would have opened earlier, but owing to a water leak unrelated to the outbreak of the norovirus nearly three weeks back, it was delayed. The norovirus outbreak has badly affected the image of the Mexican restaurant.

Boston’s Inspectional Services Department Commissioner William ‘Buddy’ Christopher Jr. said, “The Chipotle is probably the best place to eat right now, because it’s the cleanest place in Boston. ... They have a clean bill of health”.

William had lunch at the Chipotle restaurant in Cleveland Circle, where more than 100 people fell sick. But he did not suffer any side effects after eating the meal and found the food tasty. After eating at the Chipotle near Boston College, many people became ill including many of the college’s basketball team.

After the Cleveland Circle restaurant was closed, health inspectors had to close to two other Chipotle locations in Boston owing to different health code problems. During an investigation on December 9, a bird droppings and a bird in the Brookline Avenue Chipotle was found. William said that management faced a lot of problems to make the bird leave the place.

William affirmed that it was the weirdest thing in the world as this bird keep on coming back. In an investigation on December 10, the inspectors found lot of problems at the Boylston Street Chipotle, including single use utensils stored in a box on the floor, an uncovered dumpster, onions stored next to raw chicken and a rusted magnetic knife-holder. All were found to be violations.

Nikhil Shankar, an emergency room doctor at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, visited the reopened Mexican restaurant and said that city officials gave Chipotle permission to open again is enough evidence for him to come to the place.