Cleveland Circle Chipotle Mexican Grill that sickened 136 Boston College students with norovirus reopens

Over the holiday weekend, the Cleveland Circle Chipotle Mexican Grill that made 136 Boston College students ill with norovirus got permission to reopen. It has got the permission roughly three weeks after Boston health officials forced the shutdown of the restaurant.

The Cleveland Circle Chipotle Mexican Grill, due to which 136 Boston College students got sick with norovirus, has received permission to reopen over the holiday weekend. The permission has been given nearly 3 weeks after it was forced to shut down by Boston health officials.

On Wednesday, Chipotle received permission to once again serve and sell food, but a water leak further postponed the reopening of the restaurant.

While speaking to the Boston Globe, Chipotle spokesperson Chris Arnold said that they didn't have to do anything besides fixing the leak and any linked damage.

In the beginning of this month dozens of students reported falling ill after consuming food at the restaurant. City officials discovered number health code violations like inadequately heated meat. They also found that a sick employee was made to work.

However, since then all employees have been tested and found virus free that sickened so many. Reporters interviewed many patrons leaving the reopened restaurant, on Sunday.

An ER doctor at nearby Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Nikhil Shankar said that the latest bill of health issued by city officials was sufficient for him to feel comfortable while consuming food at the popular franchise. He told the Boston Herald, “If I get sick, I get sick. Someone had to try it again”.

Recently, Chipotle food was also linked to an outbreak of E. coli that made 52 people sick across 9 states. However, officials said that the problems of the Boston restaurant were unrelated.

SF Gate reported that, city health inspectors had given the restaurant in the Cleveland Circle neighborhood permission to reopen as soon as Thursday, but it wasn't able to open its doors immediately because of an unrelated water leak.The Chipotle reopened Saturday instead.

They say the outbreak was likely caused by a sick employee and isn't linked to E. coli cases that shuttered dozens of restaurants in Oregon and Washington in October.

WCVB report said, the Chipotle restaurant had been closed since Dec. 7. after over 140 people, mainly Boston College students, became sick with symptoms of norovirus after eating there. Health officials said a sick employee was the source. Chipotle founder Steve Ells took out a full-page advertisement in The Boston Globe to apologize for the norovirus outbreak.

The news outlet reports that the norovirus outbreak in the said Chipotle branch was caused by an employee, who was working while sick. The City of Boston decided to temporarily close the said restaurant at 1924 Beacon Street, Brighton after an inspection on Dec. 7, which resulted to three critical code violations: hot holding (chicken on the service line is 128F and steak is 124F), personnel with infections (an employee was sick during their shift on Thursday) and PIC performing duties (multiple reports of foodborne illness in the location), according to the LatinosHealth.