Arcaboard, the $20,000 Hoverboard by Arca Space Corporation offers Six Minutes of Levitation

Arcaboard, the $20,000 Hoverboard by Arca Space Corporation offers Six Minutes of Levitation

Arca Space Corporation has showcased a hoverboard that actually hovers for a few minutes and required six hours of charge afterwards. The company with Romanian roots has developed the hoverboard with 36 electric fans that offer it an amazing thrust to lift a person up to 110 kg.

Arca Space Corporation is already accepting preorders and deliveries will start in April 2016. The hoverboard can keep hovering for six minutes with load up to 80kg and can hover for 3 minutes with load up to 110kg. After every run, the hoverboard requires six hours of charging.

This hoverboard is different from the hoverboards that are among popular gift items this shopping season. Actually, those aren’t hoverboards, they are self-balancing two-wheeled scooters.

Technology bloggers have offered positive reviews about ArcaBoard. However, only negative that emerged in most reviews is high cost and low battery life.

Arcaboard is made of light composite material. The dimensions are 145cmx76cmx15cm (LxWxH). With installed power of 230,000 W the hoverboard’s electric fans can generate up to 272 horsepower. As

Arca is also offering an options recharging dock which will quickly charge the hoverboard in 35 minutes. The recharging dock costs another $4,500.

ARCA Space Corporation CEO Dumitru Popescu said in a media interview, “A few months ago, me and Chris (Lang) and his kids went to the Organ Mountains to take some photos, because the weather was great — lots of clouds and the lighting was beautiful.” Lang is the company’s chief operating officer, and his young son offered the suggestion of a hoverboard as a means of travel over rocky terrain.

Popescu added, “For its size, the ArcaBoard is probably the most powerful personal vehicle ever created in history. Our tagline is ‘Engineering the Future’. And we really feel like this backs that up. Each time you ride the ArcaBoard you will find yourself at the center of a new experience.”

Arcaboard has been equipped with 36 high power electric ducted fans that spin at 45,000 rotations per minute and generate up to 272 hp.

Arcaboard can be controlled with smartphone apps developed by the company for Android and iOS.

The hoverboard automatically adjusts the thrust after calculating weight of the user. The distance from the ground remains constant. The hoverboard can hover over any surface. It has been equipped with stabilization system. Arca Space Corporation has released a video demonstration the hoverboard in use.

The stabilization system can be turned off and the hoverboard can be controlled by using one's center of gravity and body movements. The demonstration videos showed by ARCA were made with the stabilization system turned off.

ArcaBoard is equipped with onboard sensors that maintain it 30 cm above ground and limit its speed to 20 km/h. It has an inertial stabilization system that keep it flying level and can be controlled using a mobile phone application and by tilting the phone in the direction of desired travel.

The company is offering hoverboard with ‘Enhanced Thrust Version’, that can lift a person up to 110 kg and has a flight time up to 3 minutes, and ‘Long Endurance Version’, that can lift a person up to 90 kg and has a flight time up to 6 minutes.