Five Years Down the Line, Genome-Specific Diet could Help Keep Pounds Off

Five Years Down the Line, Genome-Specific Diet could Help Keep Pounds Off

Final countdown begins! In the chapter of obesity and measures to control it, a new point has come in front which states that person’s own genetic makeup plays key role in response to weight loss and gain. Just a matter of five years, and you will be presented with a master diet, based on individual patient’s genes, which will help you keep the pounds off permanently.

Are you fond of eating much food and tired of trying every method to reduce your obesity? Don’t worry! A new study has come up with findings that genome-specific diets could help reduce obesity by 2020. With America fighting a losing war against obesity, there is need for doctors and nutritionists to help patients maintain their healthy and optimal weight.

From past many years, scientists have been trying to make link between DNA and weight struggles. Molly Bray, a geneticist and professor of nutritional sciences at the University of Texas at Austin, said it is expected that people start using combination of genetic, behavioral and other sophisticated data to develop individualized weight-management plans in coming future. Scientists from the University of Texas said that the new diet could help people find out best food that should be eaten to shed off obesity. Despite of the benefits of genome-specific diet in losing weight, Bray said they still are unclear with the process of weight regain either through a behavioral or biological standpoint. As per the statistical report released, about 33% of Americans are suffering with obesity, one of the gravest problems of our times.

The important thing to note is that though researchers have found the gene that is responsible for generating energy from food and storing as fat, gene variation depends on person to person. The golden point to note is that people should not make their mind that alone genome-specific diet can help them lose weight instead exercise is must to overcome obesity.

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