California Needs System That Can Help People Reach Safe Place When Hit By Earthquake

California Needs System That Can Help People Reach Safe Place When Hit By Earthquake

California residents presently are in high need of an highly advance system that can help them reach safer place in case hit by an earthquake, said members of the US Congress who are urging US President to provide funds for a prototype system currently being developed by California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

Presently, a prototype system has been developed by the researchers at the California Institute of technology (Caltech) and the congress members are asking president Obama to fund the project.

According to Caltech, their system can caution people before any earthquake hits a place and prior notification can provide people with some precious time to get a safe place.

According to members of US Congress, all it will require is just an investment of $16m (£10.7m) annually. As per Californian seismologists, their state is ripe for a mega earthquake.

A study conducted by the US Geological Survey calculated there is a 7% change of a magnitude 8 earthquake in California within the next 30 years. Another 2008 study showed that a magnitude 7.8 earthquake along the southern San Andreas Fault could kill about 1,800 people and cause $213 billion in damage.

In an interview with Sky News, Thomas Heaton, Director of the Earthquake Engineering Research Laboratory at Caltech, said, “We’re trying to make it so that it is a functioning system but at this point the budget to actually turn it into a system that we would unleash on all Californians has not been approved so it is up to the politicians”.

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Two weeks later, a 32-page climate paper in hand, the president called the summit a “turning point” for the world—and a defining moment for his administration. “The American people can be proud,” President Obama said. “Because this historic agreement is a tribute to American leadership. Over the past seven years, we’ve transformed the United States into the global leader in fighting climate change.”, reports TheTrumpet.