Holidays Can Be Threat for Your Pets

Holidays Can Be Threat for Your Pets

Holidays in short means fun time with friends, family and near and dear ones, but stop, are you forgetting some most important members of your family who can be at risk his holiday. Experts warn that holidays can bring potential hazard for your furry friends.

The Suffolk County SPCA suggests that by adopting some small and easy precautions you can make your pets safe these holidays.

Here are few suggestions you can follow. You should avoid tinsel because your pets may find it attractive or think it as a toy to play with and they may accidently swallow and get choked.

You should also avoid decorating your tree with popcorn or other food items and remove all edible gifts from under the tree. Also do not hang edible treats, such as stockings filled with chocolate and other candies on the tree or fireplace where your pet can easily reach.

Small breakable ornaments sued to decorate trees should be placed out of your pet’s reach. One should avoid placing you tree in chemical water. It may help to keep you tree fresh but can be really harmful for your pet.

Avoid your pet from drinking the tree’s water because it can get dirty very quickly and many pine needles fall into the water dish. A tight-fitting tree skirt over the tree stand may help to prevent this.

Electric window displays and lights are very eye catchy not only to you and your neighborhood, but to your curious pets. One should make sure that these lights and electrical connections and outlets are secured and concealed.