Guatemalan Man Being Held at Adelanto Detention Facility Dies of Heart Attack

Guatemalan Man Being Held at Adelanto Detention Facility Dies of Heart Attack

A Guatemalan man being held in an immigrant detention center in California died Wednesday after suffering a heart attack at Adelanto Detention Facility, as per a statement by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

ICE, law enforcement agency under the US Department of Homeland Security, announced the man, Jose Manuel Azurida-Hernandez, was taken to hospital on Saturday after a heart attack, but the 54-year-old Guatemala resident couldn’t recover and died Wednesday at an Inland Empire hospital.

Azurida-Hernandez had served one year and four months sentence on an attempted robbery conviction. He was taken to Adelanto Detention Facility in June this year as he was living in the US illegally. Azurida-Hernandez’s deportation case was still under trial at the time of his death, according to ICE.

The federal agency also said that St. Mary Medical Center doctors gave essential treatment to the man, but due to his worsening health, they put him on life support. Later on Wednesday, he was declared dead.

Adelanto Detention Facility, which has housed more than 2,000 detainees, has been in news since last few months due to its inadequate medical care. More than 20 Congress members sent a letter to ICE in July where they criticized the center for its medical services. Despite allegations, the center added approximately 650 beds.

About Azurida-Hernandez’s death, ICE said his deportation case was pending with Department of Justice. “After he arrived at the Adelanto center, Azurida-Hernandez received a medical screening and no serious health issues were detected”, it explained.