Electronic toys may slow language development in toddlers

Electronic toys may slow language development in toddlers

If you have been looking for perfect gift for your children this Christmas then do not even think for electronic toys that light up, talk or play music as a new research has found them to slow language development in toddlers.

These toys attract one’s attention, but as per researchers, they should not have any place in your house. These pricy toys are considered by many to be an idea present for developing minds, said researchers at Northern Arizona University, but in their research, they have found completely opposite to it.

“These results provide a basis for discouraging the purchase of electronic toys that are promoted as educational and are often quite expensive”, affirmed the researchers. In the study, there were 26 pairs of parents and their children aged between 10 months and 16 months. The researchers have used audio equipment in order to record the sounds in the participants’ homes to monitor their playtime.

All the families received three sets of toys. The first set had electronic toys like a baby laptop, a talking farm and a baby cellphone. The second set had normal toys like wooden puzzles and rubber blocks. They were received five board-books with farm animals.

The researchers said that the electronic toys were found to be less effective when it come to enhancing language development of child. These toys do not produce quality of language among the babies than other traditional toys.

It was also noticed that when children played with the lectronic toys then their parents did not interact much with their toddlers and parents responded less to their children. Study’s lead researcher Anna Sosa said that the while playing with electronic toys, the babies produced less content-specific words.

The researchers said that the findings support the benefits of book reading with very young children. Electronic toys are attractive, but they prevent children to engage in the world around them and learn something meaningful.