KIC 8462852 Doesn’t Have Aliens, it’s Just a Star: SETI

KIC 8462852 Doesn’t Have Aliens, it’s Just a Star: SETI

The star KIC 8462852 grabbed attention in October this year when mysterious signals from the stellar body suggested that there could be a gigantic artificial structure drifting in front of the star. Now, astronomers have come up with a conclusion that the star shows no sign of life.

KIC 8462852's inconsistent dimming was baffling astronomers from a long time. Some of them think the anomalous star may have an extraterrestrial civilization. To observe the possibilities, they hunted for brief laser pulses from the stellar body, but found nothing, as per a report of SETI.

SETI International President and an author of the report, said, “The hypothesis of an alien megastructure around KIC 8462852 is rapidly crumbling apart. We found no evidence of an advanced civilization beaming intentional laser signals toward Earth”.

Astronomers hunted for laser pulses using 0.5 m Newtonian telescope on six nights between October 29 and November 28 at the Boquete Optical SETI Observatory in Panama. The telescope had a unique detection method to catch pulsed signals. At the end, the telescope found nothing useful.

Before the research, the stellar body baffled astronomers because its irregular dimming was never observed before. The light curves were measured with NASA's Kepler telescope. As the dimming didn’t have regular pattern, some astronomers speculate that KIC 8462852 has something interesting.

About the star’s strange dimming, the best explanation to date is that it could be because of cometary fragments in a highly elliptical orbit around the star.