Here is What’s Strange about Image showing How Dolphins see Humans

Here is What’s Strange about Image showing How Dolphins see Humans

Earlier, you may have seen an image describing how dolphins see people. Folks behind the viral image claimed that the marine creature uses echolocation to see a human standing in front of it. The picture is amazing, but it raises some questions.

Experts say dolphins are wicked smart, but that intelligence is still a mystery. Jack Kassewitz from said the recent success may help experts know about the creature. It is now safe to consider that the marine creature uses ‘sono-pictorial’ form of language to know about its surroundings. If it is explained in near future, it may reveal several interesting things about the species and its communication system, Kassewitz added.

The viral image is surprising many people, but some individuals are raising questions. Some doubt how Kassewitz can make such a finding as the researcher doesn’t have an advanced degree in marine biology or animal behavior. Questions have been raised because Kassewitz has found something very unique and interesting, but doesn’t publish his work.

In a recent interview, Kassewitz said that some internal researchers on his team have reviewed everything. Kassewitz even said that he believes in open source publishing, which means he wanted to publish his research before it's been reviewed for publication.

“I know that this discovery is p--sing off and shaking off a lot of people. I’m not going to hide it. People will say this can't be. My response to that is: are you a physicist? Can you show me the math that shows it can't be”, Kassewitz said.